Custom Installations

When installing your custom aquarium there is no need to worry. We meet with your contractor and/or your interior designers to make sure that you get your dream aquarium. We are dedicated to making your aquarium look like living artwork! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly Maintenance Services

Artistic Aquariums Inc. offers a complete range of aquarium design and maintenance plans. Offering you custom, revolutionary tank designs and beautiful effects and installation, mesmerizing aquarium renovations, and customized weekly, biweekly or monthly aquarium maintenance. Scheduled regular maintenance on your aquarium takes all the hassle out of caring for your aquarium. You or your clients sit back and enjoy while we handle everything. We can create a customized maintenance plan that will not only meet your aquarium needs but also your budget. We offer a full line of fish supplies and nutritional products and specifically order your fish and sea life to provide you with exactly the look you want in your aquarium. We also ship in Catalina ocean water from California for our clients to ensure the closest environment possible to the actual ocean. In doing so the fish are more colorful, vibrant, happier and more stable. Everything listed below is included in your service visit!

  • Clean all algae from inside of aquarium
  • Check the health of all aquatic life
  • Test the water
  • Add chemicals needed to maintain fish health
  • Change out and replace dirty corals and decorations
  • Change out and replace filter cartridge
  • Bleach dirty corals, decorations, and filter cartridge (off site)
  • Catalina water changes (as needed)
  • Clean off chiller coils (as needed)
  • Clean protein skimmer (If needed)
  • Filling auto feeder
  • Brush off coral insert or lace rock (If needed)
  • Dust off cabinet
  • Polish outside of aquarium
  • Stir up gravel
  • Top off water level
  • Fix fallen corals or plants (If needed)

*Corals, decorations and filter cartridges will be changed once a month. Any additional changes needed will be an additional fee.

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