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This was our view for about 900 miles each way. 

Step one was to rent a moving truck. We opted for a 16 footer with a hydraulic lift gate.

We had some concerns about the bracing under the floor so we decided what better way to find out than just jumping into the crawlspace and taking a look?

Idaho Relocation Trip

We loaded the aquarium, stand and all supplies into the truck. We also loaded up 300 gallons of fresh Catalina Water.

About 16 hours later we have arrived at the clients home.

We even had time to make a stop at the Snake River Canyon on the way home. Unlike Knievel, we decided not to attempt a jump.

Our final stop on the way home was in Las Vegas.... But.... You know what they say about Vegas..... ;)

We had to make about 10 stops for gas and bug detail. I swear we must have smashed over one million bugs.

Aquarium install went off without a hitch. We even transported the fish that he loved so much. Everyone arrived safe and sound.

We were asked by a longtime client of ours if we would help him relocate his aquarium to Idaho due to a job relocation. Of course we said we could do it. We will go that extra mile for our clients regardless if they are leaving our service area or not. Here is a quick recap of our Idaho adventure.